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Embrace local heritage with comforting rice bowls, traditional favourites, and aromatic kopi. Join us at #01-116 & #01-K108, 18 Cross Street, from 10 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday. Taste the origin, savour the goodness!

YUAN 原 – meaning “origin” is a celebration of their roots and local heritage cuisine in Singapore. They are your next-door coffee shop serving simple yet flavourful comfort food, and rich aromatic local kopi and drinks.


YUAN’s signature rice bowls include fragrant scallion poached chicken rice, braised mei cai pork belly rice, and more. Their local favourite’s of nasi lemak and fried mee siam can be savoured as a light meal or paired with hakka zha yoke, pandan fried chicken, kapitan curry rice or otak otak. You can also enjoy a simple kaya butter hainan toast, with our selection of local kopi and teh.

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