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Lighthouse Dance
Cross Street Exchange
18 Cross Street (Retail Mall)
9745 7626
11am to 9pm (Mon to Fri)
9am to 7.30pm (Sat)
11am to 7pm (Sun)

At Lighthouse Dance, we strive to provide a holistic dance education that contributes positively to every student's physical, mental and emotional growth and character development. This involves not only providing the opportunity to train in the physical aspect of dance, but also imparting theoretical knowledge, such as the rich history of dance and the different aspects of staging a performance. As such, we believe in creating opportunities for our students to experience the myriad facets of dance. A lighthouse is a symbol of guidance, and we strive to nurture a passion and love for dance in our students that will guide their way through life’s many obstacles. We hope to kindle a light in their hearts, and for them to keep this light wherever they may go.

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