Make Working From Home Work For You


A combination of comfort and practically gets the job done.
Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as businesses streamline operations and resources. But considering recent events, for some of us, it’s becoming our new reality.
If you’re used to being in the field or at the office, working from home will take some getting used to. The first thing you need to do is to ensure you have everything you need to be able to do your work. Secondly, is that you achieve the same levels of comfort, efficiency, creativity and motivation that you would normally get from working in your office. 
Here are some tips to help you embrace working from home!

1. Create a dedicated space


Tune out the distractions and let the light in.
When the temptation of the next Netflix series is calling for you, it’s time to change up your space. Not everyone has the luxury of a home office, but it’s important to create a dedicated space in which you can be productive. 
If you can section off a portion of your home for a temporary office, it would be ideal for this space to have good lighting. In general, it’s best to have natural light in front of or next to work surfaces and computers screens to avoid glare and maximise your outside views. 

2. Upgrade your home office with smart furniture

Best seat in the house.
A good desk and chair will impact productivity and creativity. If you’re spending most of your day in a home office, you should not have to compromise your sense of aesthetics for functionality. 
The Bova Executive Office Chair and Intello Smart Desk are available from COURTS.
To create a workspace that is both stylish and practical, consider the Bova Executive Office Chair which utilises Comfort Zones technology, that allows you to enjoy exceptional neck and back support, when tackling the pile of paperwork in front of you. Make things easier with the Intello Smart Desk with gesture-controlled lighting and table height control. 
The A4S Air Purifier is available from novita.
Feel awake, fresh and clear-headed with novita’s 4-in-1 A4S Air Purifier which purifies, humidifies, ionizes and sanitises all at once. 

3. Desk items you'll need to succeed

Dress your desk for success.
Once you’ve worked out your dedicated workspace, it’s time to make it look like one. If you’re a graphic artist, for example, you may need both a small desk for your computer and a larger table for your artwork. A consultant could require additional space or a bookshelf for files.
The Libri Bookshelf and Compatto Study Table from Molecule.
But what actually works for working from home, is a desk free from clutter with only items that are necessary for work. Having these desk accessories in your home office can boost productivity and keep your workflow game strong.
These include a pen and paper holder to make it easy to jot notes, tasks or just simple reminders. Keep your reference books and files organised with book ends, and file holders or trays. Other items to consider are regular office supplies like post-its, push pins and a cork board. With these items in place, you’ll also never have to wonder where you left that important receipt or those to-dos you need to do for the week ahead. 

4. Work-from-home tech essentials

Rev up your home office with essential tech gadgets.
Ensure you have the right equipment to maximise productivity. We recommend Samsung’s 24-inch FHD bezel-less monitor* from Challenger. This comes with an Eye Saver Mode which reduces eye fatigue and has an extra wide 178-degree viewing angle for people who want a monitor large enough to view multiple spreadsheets at the same time. 
Google Nest Wi-Fi router and Logitech C925E Full HD Webcam are available from Challenger.
Google’s Nest Wi-Fi router* will boost your home’s Wi-Fi signal so you can enjoy a stable connection for those Zoom video calls. For true-to-life video clarity, there’s Logitech’s C925E Full HD Webcam* which works with virtually all video conferencing software applications, so you can set up quickly and run every meeting. 
Add to this, Sony’s WH1000XM3* wireless noise-cancelling headphones — compatible with video chat apps like Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger — and you’re all set for a productive workday at home.
*Challenger outlets are temporarily closed during this Circuit Breaker. Online purchases and delivery timeline will be subject to availability. 

5. Keep organised but also inspired

Don’t get sucked into the boredom, get stuck on this cute phone charger from IUIGA.
Sometimes, working at home can get drab and boring, especially if you only have your laptop or computer monitor to stare at the whole day. Decorate your work space with inspiring prints and paintings that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but serve as light distractions from monotonous or prolonged hours of staring at the screen. Put up a modern decorative clock in your work office space instead of the usual living area can give you an illusion that you’re in an actual office setting while upkeeping a level of discipline during your designated working hours. 
Paintings and clocks are available from Molecule.

6. Keep calm & carry on

The Ultrasonic Aroma Mist Diffuser and Animal Bluetooth Speakers are available from IUIGA.
Keep your stress levels low and surroundings smelling crisp and fresh. Eradicate nasty germs, while providing calming effects at the same time with IUIGA’s Ultrasonic Aroma Mist Diffuser. Use your phone horizontally without being disrupted or distracted during an important call with its Kitty Paw Suction Charger and listen to your favourite work-from-home soundtrack with its Little Animal Bluetooth Speakers
These succulents and spider plants are available from A Tilly A Day.
Having plants in our homes refresh the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during photosynthesis. In addition to the above, plants also help makes the working environment feel new, more inviting and therefore open for creative thinking. 
There you have it — our recommendations to make working from home more productive and enjoyable! Give it a try and you might just end up loving it!
Please note deliveries for online purchase of the items featured in this article are subject to the availability of delivery personnel on ground from now until 4 May 2020 (or until the circuit breaker measures have been lifted).