2020 Zodiac Forecast

Excited to know what the Year of the Rat has in store for you? This clever zodiac animal has been associated with wealth, abundance and new beginnings. Discover what more the stars have written for your career, health, wealth and love life this year!


For those born in the Year of the Rat, the year will be filled with mixed emotions. You may not have the best luck in wealth and romance, but there are simple ways to keep them on track. Your career may not be as rewarding as expected either, so keep your eyes on the prize and it might actually turn into a wealth generator. If you don’t give in to greed, remain trusting of your loved ones and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it might just be a good year.
Although you feel like all your hard work is not appreciated or rewarded lately, do not let negative thoughts get to you. Avoid gossip, continue to work hard, and find support from fellow male colleagues.
Luck may not be on your side but don’t worry, simply keep track of your expenses and don’t participate in high-risk activities like heavy investments or gambling. 
You may be faced with challenges in your relationship, thus it’s essential to maintain trust and positive communication between one another. If you are single, get out there and mingle! You might just find the love you are seeking.
Your health is your wealth. So, start by getting more sleep, as a lack of rest will negatively impact your memory, concentration, immunity and emotions.  Next, focus on strength training and reducing alcohol consumption to improve your health.
Lucky Number: 1147
Lucky Colours:  Yellow, Orange, White, Grey
Lucky Directions: North, North-East, North-West


This is a lucky year for the Ox. Get ready for professional opportunities and breakthroughs knocking at your door! However, fortune will come and go this year. So back yourself up money-wise with a good financial plan and avoid borrowing or lending money. Singles - there is a high chance you will find love, while married couples should actively work on improving their relationship. 
Thank your lucky stars! It's going to be a fabulous year for your career, most likely because of a good team supporting you. So, remember to foster teamwork among your colleagues and you will reap rewards. Afterall, teamwork makes the dream work, right?
Focus on saving this year. Expect some unexpected expenditures, so avoid lending money or being a guarantor for others.
If you’re single, you might just meet your ideal partner and find love! For married folks, focus on enhancing communication and learning to compromise. It is also important to keep the flame alive - little acts of love or taking a vacation together will do the trick!
Add exercise to your daily routine. Regular outdoor exercise, reduced salt intake, and a well-balanced diet should be your focus. Work stress may negatively affect your health, so be mindful of stress levels and know when you need to take a break.
Lucky Numbers: 2601 
Lucky Colours: Beige (Cream), Yellow, Pastel-Pink, Red, Violet Purple
Lucky Directions: North, North-East, North-West, South, South-East


2020 will be a bountiful year for you! You will make great strides in your career and discover many chances to showcase your skills. In terms of wealth, your investments will bring great returns. Single Tigers, you might even find your soulmate this year.
Expect to find many good opportunities in your career, but you must endure hardships before enjoying great rewards. However, to ensure greater success at work, learn to be more flexible when working with others, and be mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

This year will bring good fortune for you. Investments will be profitable, and your income will increase. Be careful of conniving characters that might be out to cheat your money.
Tip: Keep an eye on your entertainment expenses!  
If you’re in a relationship, focus on giving more than receiving to make it a long-lasting one. Put in effort to rekindle the flame by going for trips or spas together. Good spirits will uplift your relationship. 
If you’re single, try stepping out of your comfort zone and you might just find your soulmate!
Pay close attention to road safety and unexpected health issues. If necessary, pick an auspicious date for surgery to avoid complications. For the elderly, make sure you go for regular medical check-ups, especially for pre-existing medical conditions. 
Lucky Number: 4680
Lucky Colours: Maroon Red, Purple, Peach, Pink
Lucky Directions: North, North-West


It might be a year of ups and downs for Rabbits, so navigate it wisely! Embrace new opportunities at work, spend quality time with family, and treat your loved ones with the respect they deserve.  Cherish your relationships by being tactful and staying loyal. It is also important to save more money and be thrifty with your spending. 
Invest time and dedication into your career and 2020 will present you with many opportunities! To ensure success, develop effective interpersonal skills and keep an open mind.
Tip: Entrepreneurs need to be selective when picking business partners. 
Unfortunately, your income and savings will plateau this year, so avoid impulse spending and stick to a feasible savings plan. Try not to lend money or become a guarantor for others either.

If existing problems in your relationship worsen, make your best effort to establish open and honest communication. Enhance your family fortune and chemistry by organising more gatherings to spend quality time together. 
Tip: Place a water fountain in your home to welcome fortune into the household.
Feeling emotionally exhausted from work? Make sure you get enough sleep and learn how to relax to keep your immune system healthy. Yoga, exercise and a healthy diet will help you tremendously.  Also keep a watchful eye on your respiratory system by kicking an old habit such as smoking. 
Lucky Number: 2560
Lucky Colours: Red, Neon-Pink, Lilac, Orange
Lucky Directions: North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West 


2020 is a year filled with risks and adventures for individuals born in the year of the Dragon. Abundant opportunities await you at work while you will gain wealth through low-risk investments. In love, singles will be surrounded by a new romance. While in health, it is wise to avoid high-risk adventure sports.
This is your year to take charge and get the promotion you deserve! To do this, speak up when you get a chance to, and manage conflicts tactfully. Remain focused at your job and it will pay off.

Good news - money is coming your way! Low risk investments will bring substantial rewards. However, be extra careful when it comes to contractual agreements. 
For singles, there will be love in the air, but they might not be the right one, so avoid rushing into any relationships. If you’re in a relationship, this might be a good year to tie the knot!
Your health luck is surrounded by negativity this year, so avoid intensive sports like diving and rock climbing. Take good care of your health and explore a new hobby instead. This will be better for your wellbeing.
Lucky Number: 2402
Lucky Colours: Off-White, Light Yellow, Orange, Navy Blue
Lucky Directions: North, South-East


Expect positive things in 2020! Not only will you get the chance to showcase your true potential at work, your love life will also flourish. Make sure you find ways to reduce stress in your life and spend more time with family.
The time has come for you to showcase your talents and abilities! Tap on your strengths, do not rest on your laurels and good things will happen. 
Tip: Develop your career by seeking mentorship from experienced professionals. Socialize at gatherings and you might find yourself a good mentor.
When it comes to wealth, this will be a volatile year. Do not expect success in big investments or monetary windfalls. Make informed financial decisions wisely before forming partnerships. 
Tip: Enhance your wealth and luck by wearing beige or maroon colours. 
This is a romantic year for Snakes as it is a good time to start a relationship or get married, and a blessed time for married individuals - pregnancy news! So, celebrate this year of happiness by devoting more time with family and luck will come your way.
Work exhaustion may take a toll on your physical and mental health. This excessive stress may cause sleep deprivation which is detrimental to health. Restore and replenish by taking care of your body, and keep track of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 
Lucky Number: 3360
Lucky Colours: Dark- Grey, Brown, Khaki, Maroon
Lucky Directions: South-East, North-West, North


Stay positive as this year may be tough. Although things will not be smooth sailing at work, building a great team around you can turn things around. Things to be weary of are unusually high expenses as well as negativity in your relationship. 
Your career will come to a halt this year and things will not go as planned. There will also be conflicts and hidden agendas, so remember to stay focused on building or bonding with your team and staying positive through it all.
Your luck will go up and down, only improving in the third quarter, so manage your money well. Find ways to grow your direct income rather than rely on luck. Give generously but be careful when it comes to your own spending. 
Tip: If you are a business owner, keep expenses low and avoid risky moves this year.
Expect excitement with many suitors around you! For couples, your love will be tested, so try your best to avoid trivial disputes.
Take care of your lung and kidney health this year by maintaining a balanced diet and supplement your body with essential minerals and vitamins. Avoid alcohol consumption and be extra careful on the road.
Tip: Taking part in charity work might help to dissolve negative energy and invite good energy around you. 
Lucky Number: 2568
Lucky Colours: Red, Baby-Pink, Gold, Silver
Lucky Directions: East, North East 


This is a shining year for those born in the Year of the Goat. Expect promotion opportunities at work or growth in your business. To improve your love life, it is important to keep your emotions under control and work on enhancing your marriage. Rest well and stress less this year!
Auspicious stars are shining in your career! Expect to enjoy a bountiful harvest for your hard work, with new business opportunities coming your way. It is key to choose your business partners wisely.
Although a smooth sailing career will boost your wealth, you might also experience constant financial losses. Your expenditure will skyrocket alongside your earnings, so spend carefully.
Time to put in more effort in strengthening your relationship! Get negative emotions under control and find ways to keep your marriage alive. Perhaps having a baby might help improve the dynamics of your relationship.
If you are in a relationship, keep it strong by focusing on approaching life as a team. 
In 2020, you will experience more stress and anxiety than usual, so keep an eye out for illnesses related to your intestine and blood sugar. Keep your emotions in check and always work on solving the root of the problem. 
Lucky Number: 3669
Lucky Colours: Aqua-Blue, Light-Blue, Black, White, Neon-Orange
Lucky Directions: East, West 


A great year for health, the Monkey will also find success in their career! Although your love life may not be so lucky, focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle instead.
This is your year to shine! Expect to receive high recognition at work, especially if you work in administration. This also means a chance to advance your career. There may even be an overseas opportunity coming your way. 
Be wary of jealous co-workers and do not let workplace gossip distract you. Instead work on building stronger bonds with your teammates.
Tip: Invest in helpful courses to upskill yourself!
Due to success in your career, wealth is on your side. Thus, it is a great time to save up as much as possible! If you are a business owner, keep a lookout for shady transactions or loss of money caused by people around you.
Your marriage will go through a tough period and trust may erode in your relationship especially if it does not have a strong foundation. For singles, it is a complicated year and your relationship might end sooner than you think. This is not a good year to tie the knot. 
Tip: Consult a Feng Shui Master for an auspicious date if you plan on getting married this year.
Enjoy great health this year! Get minor illnesses treated early to prevent them from getting serious. Maintain a balanced diet by eating less oily, salty and sweet foods. As for ladies, go for regular check-ups to check for any female-related illnesses.
Lucky Number: 1737
Lucky Colours: Light-Grey, Khaki, Beige, Mint Green
Lucky Directions: North-East, West, South


This will be a busy year for you! Some useful tips to usher in good fortune are to make yourself more marketable and employable by learning useful skills through courses, manage finances wisely, cherish your loved ones, and going on a digital detox!
Your job will progress smoothly and with stability this year. Always resolve issues immediately to avoid bigger problems in the end. Prioritize teamwork, keep your pride in check and look for support around you.
Take care of your financial wealth this year to avoid financial mismanagement. Make sure to be frugal by avoiding big purchases and seemingly lucrative investments. 
Tip: Consult a Geomancer to rearrange your wealth and harmony positions to enhance your fortune. 
Harmony begets prosperity. Married individuals need to be careful not to be led astray. In a relationship, be ready to give without expecting anything in return and fight the urge to be over-controlling. Singles should pursue romantic relationships - be socially active and you will find suitors.
Tip: Bring in extra luck by spending more time with family!
Prioritize your health this year. Due to overwork and stress, symptoms related to blood pressure, eye diseases and retinal detachment may occur. Go on a digital detox and engage in more outdoor activities to improve your health. 
Lucky Number: 5401
Lucky Colours: White, Bright-Red, Bright Yellow, Gold
Lucky Directions: North, North-West, South


This is a year of achievements for you! Take advantage of the help you are given this year for more prosperity to come. You can even consider growing your nest and investing strategically. Unfortunately, romance and health are not positive this year, so ensure that you take good care of yourself by getting ample rest and spending time with family. 
Individuals born in the year of the Dog will achieve remarkable results! This is the year all your hard work will pay off. Business owners will enjoy flourishing luck while employees will enjoy the help of others. Expect a window of opportunity to present itself to you. 
Tip: Always ask for help when necessary.
Your wealth will grow at a steady pace due to a successful career! Possible salary increments and promotions await. However, don't pin your hopes on fortune falling on your lap. Instead, grow your wealth strategically and consider investing in property or gold!
Not a good year for love, be mindful of the unrealistic expectations you have of your partner. Focus instead on maintaining family harmony and quelling your fiery personality. With temptations all around you, spending more time with family will help.
You may experience chronic fatigue and low energy levels this year. If you experience heart palpitations, inflammation, kidney or respiratory related issues, seek timely medical advice. It is recommended to engage in relaxing activities such as massages and getting plenty of rest to improve your immune system.
Lucky Number: 2389
Lucky Colours: Red, Orange, White, Bright Yellow
Lucky Directions: North, North-West, South-West


This is definitely not a stick-in-the-mud kind of year for you! In fact, it is a fantastic period of your career where golden opportunities will arise such as a career switch or promotion. Also, a good time for investments, listen to wise investors and wealth will come your way. Your love life and health will experience turbulence, so take care by practicing self-control and taking the right supplements.
In 2020, you will scale greater heights! Work on improving relationships with your colleagues and success will follow. You might feel overwhelmed by job demands, but at the end of the day, good things will come to those who never give up. It is advisable to participate in more social events to increase your connections and elevate your career luck.
You are blessed with good fortune this year! This is a good time to invest in low-risk bonds and stocks. Actively listen to advice from experienced investors and wealth will come. The only obstacle you will face is increased expenses, so keep track of your budget.
Your love life will flourish this year. Singles, it is time to start putting yourself out there. You may meet someone very special. Those in a marriage should focus on controlling unwanted desires, exercising restraint and being careful of who you surround yourself with.
Look out for health problems that may occur such as musculoskeletal disorders, joint inflammation, aching limbs and digestive problems. Taking vitamins and supplements will help to improve your immune system and strengthen bones.
Lucky Number: 2689 
Lucky Colours: Pink, Orange, White, Creamy Beige, Blue
Lucky Directions: East, North-West
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